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It's been said that a spider's web is an optimized system... meaning, the design could not be improved.  Well of course, a web site's design can always be improved.  And by the very process of optimizing it, its function continues to improve.   A website first acts your calling card.  It shouts out to your market, and when it makes an impression on the web, your market will take notice.  And... like a well-engineered spider web... a well-built website should be resilient, and pliant.  Even as it evolves over the months and years, all of the "optimizing" that's been done to it... stays with it.  Unlike print, which serves it's initial purpose, then tragically is relegated to the dust bin, a well-integrated website, even while changing, endures.  An adapting website makes you relevant to your market.


With a well-designed website, all of the elements act as a cohesive group.  Function, balance, colors, type, white space... all these elements form the cohesive silk strands that bind your website together.  And while the words of yesteryear like "reach" may have faded to be replaced with words like "connect", they still measure the same thing... are you attracting your real-world customers and keeping them?   In the end, a good spider web may actually keep its visitors a little longer than they'd like to stay, but a good web design at least keeps their visitors coming back.


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