Creating engagement.

It may seem odd to liken printed communication to a dandelion.  But the analogy is quite apt.  Depending on the presentation, it can be a thing of beauty, or it can be like a weed that's shoved in your mail box everyday.  Either way, it should be engaging.  You should want to pick it up and touch it.  Read it or blow on it (depending on whether it's a printed piece, or a dandelion).  So while print may be fleeting, it can also make a hearty impact.  And with the right wind, its many seeds can be carried very far.   Each printed piece serves its purpose, and then fades into oblivion... perhaps to be saved only as a portfolio piece for those who created it.  Still, like the wish of a child, the printed media can reach as far as you dream with its one-time all-important message.  So depending on your communication goals, there's usually always a place in the marketing mix for the printed message.


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it's here today,

but gone tomorrow.

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Print... it's here today,

but gone tomorrow.