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There's always more we can do to help others and we've had the pleasure of working with a few local groups that do quite a bit of that.  We've worked with the Peter & Ginny Ueberroth Family Foundation who generously and primarily assist people in the Orange County community.  And we've worked with the Southern California Bulldog Rescue, who provide shelter, re-homing assistance, and medical treatment for over a hundred bulldogs every year.


We designed a full collateral set, and logo for the Ueberroth Family Foundation, along with their first website.


We designed the 2014 and 2015 annual calendars for the SC Bulldog Rescue, which they sell to raise money for their charity.

Peter & Ginny Ueberroth Family Foundation

Southern California Bulldog Rescue

2014 Calendar

2015 Calendar


How fun was this job?!  Assembling adorable dog photos in a calendar layout is actually a very enjoyable way to spend your time at work.

The UFF Home page is shown in the above video.  The video itself spells out a well-known Chinese Proverb and was created in Adobe Flash.  The client didn't have many photos at the time from the charities they represented, and they liked the idea of using the proverb as the opening to their first website.  You'll might notice that in the video, every word is slowly spelled out, with the intensity of the letters increasing as they appear on the video stage. Each sentence was made as its own movie clip and was comprised of up to 50 frames each.


The Ueberroth family strongly believes that by assisting people to take a greater responsibility for their own well-being and for the communities in which they live, they can create a better future.  This video communicated their philosophical approach to charitable giving.

The Ueberroth Family Foundation logo was designed as a pair of two hands forming the letter "U".


The hands are positioned to represent caring, and are meant to convey concern for others, providing helping hands that are there to assist those in need.


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