Advertising emotions.

Considering that the evidence shows we don’t think our way to logical solutions, but rather we feel our way to reason, then it stands to... well, reason... that we really don’t think our way to purchase something either.  People more often rely on their feelings, rather than information when making a purchase, so it should come as no surprise that when advertising an automobile, inspiring an emotional response is what drives people to buy.  The most social media-shared ads every year are those that rely on the emotional content of the ad, primarily happiness, inspiration, friendship, and warmth.


Even television’s Don Draper, the advertising executive in Mad Men, recognized the allure of emotion in advertising when he said, “Advertising is based on one thing:  happiness.  And you know what happiness is?  Happiness is the smell of a new car.” ~ Mad Man, Episode 1, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes


The GM brochure exudes emotion, and its intent was to inspire its audience, and to make them feel good about buying what was to be the first electric vehicle produced by General Motors.  The car was later known as the EV1, but when we developed the first 20 page brochure for it, the care was known as the “Impact”.

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